Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This therapy stimulates the lymphatic system of the body which is responsible for removing waste products from the body. By gently massaging the body, we encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body to help in the removal of waste and toxins. Lymphatic Drainage Massages can also help benefit people with lymphedemas, fibromyalgia, swellings, and more.

Massage Therapy & Treatments

First Coast Neuromuscular Massage will become your go-to massage center in London, OH.
We offer the following relaxation type massages: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone. We also offer the following for pain relief: Neuromuscular, Medicupping, Lymphatic Drainage and CBD cream and oil for use in the massage. We are constantly adding new techniques as we grow. Get in touch today to schedule your next appointment.